Maternity love


The countdown to my due date is very near so this past weekend I took my maternity photos, courtesy of Alec. I totally wanted to get a fabulous maternity dress for my photos but the preggo laziness to go out and shop to find one was REAL. And honestly, shopping when pregnant is just miserable because nothing fits and you’re basically out of breath from trying to take off your shirt.


With that, I grabbed my flower crown from Forever 21 and a dress I wore to a wedding last year and was out the door before I could change my mind. Luckily the dress was super long on me last year and I went barefoot for my photos so somehow it all worked out.


I am much more use to being behind the camera and there’s not much you can do with a belly the size of a basketball on my small 5’2 body but I think Alec did an awesome job capturing these photos that I will cherish forever. I think it’s silly to not love yourself when you are pregnant because you are literally CREATING life and what is more beautiful than that. This is why I encourage mama’s-to-be to get their maternity photos taken because you will never have your little human in you again!





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