2018 Year Review!

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to the official blog for Ally Rose Photo. I am always looking for ways to grow my little business and I figured what’s better than adding a blog where I show you guys more behind the scenes of Ally Rose Photo, our daily life in parenthood and everything in between. BUT!! The main goal of this little blog is to showcase my clients, share more of their beautiful photos and the AWESOME time we have during a session. For today’s post though, we’re going to explore the past year of 2018 and cheers to the exciting future of 2019!

With that said, let’s jump back to the start of 2018. I started off this year a little over 4 months pregnant. I was definitely a lazy preggers while being in school full time & working. I took everyone’s advice of sleeping as much as I could because let’s be real– creating a human can be exhausting.

I was so blessed to be growing a healthy baby and when April came, we celebrated him & myself during my beautiful Whinnie the Pooh themed baby shower thrown by family & friends.


As we prepared for the upcoming weeks, I had Alec take my maternity photos. (which was actually my first blog post I had written last year, with hopes to continue but then life got crazy after Nathan’s birth)


When May finally arrived, I was a week past my due date when Nathan made his way into the world. And life was forever changed for the better.


I don’t think anyone or anything in the world can prepare you for those first few weeks postpartum. Nathan weighed over 8 and a half pounds at birth, which left me pretty sore (okay, EXTREMELY sore). But as everyone tells you, it gets better with time and soon you forget the pain and sleepless nights.


Next up was Alec’s first Father’s Day. We celebrated him for being the best dad ever.

8BD85E14-E3D8-4F74-946B-C7F3260E946A 2.JPEG

As summer approached Nate spent lots of time hanging out with his three older cousins who were equally as obsessed with him.


Nate also enjoyed the summer fun by going in the pool for the first time and loving every second of it to even falling asleep in his floaty.


Nate celebrated his first fourth of July by staying inside and sleeping through fireworks! It was a miracle.


Nate had developed some serious reflux and colic in addition to developing an allergy to dairy & soy. We took each day by day. It was hard seeing him in so much pain but after some visits with a specialist we were on the right track.


Towards the end of July, I had decided I wanted to bring Ally Rose Photo to life and register as an official business! It has been the best decision I have made yet!

DSC_0044 4

August had quickly arrived and it was time for Nathan’s Baptism. He was blessed to have his Auntie and Uncle as godparents.


Vacation time! Nathan took his first 16 hour car ride to Myrtle Beach, SC. and did awesome. We had a great time showing him how to relax on the beach 😉


When we got back from vacay, we participated in lots of fun fall activities such as apple & pumpkin picking with our family.


With the world’s and our obsession with Baby Shark, it was only right to have him be a shark. I also got crafty and made our matching Mommy & Daddy shark shirts.


Holiday after holiday, Nate celebrated his first thanksgiving! He was not too thrilled with the mashed potatoes and turkey puree mom made so maybe next year he’ll be sharing the turkey leg with his dad.


After thanksgiving, we spent the weekend getting the Christmas tree with our family. A fun tradition with did with ours when we were little.


Lots and lots of Christmas fun. We had so much fun watching Nate experience his first Christmas. Thankful we were able to spend it with our family & friends.


Going into 2019 with lots of excitement as well because I finally graduate in May & Nathan will be turning one year old. It’s crazy how these past 7 months have flown by and I can’t wait to see what the New Year brings.