Ava’s Cake Smash

DSC_6070Who doesn’t love a fun cake smash session!? It is the ultimate definition of a fun photography session not only for the photographer but for the lucky birthday babe as well that gets to eat cake and do nothing more! I LOVE cake smash sessions and I hope in 2019 I get to do more because they are THE BEST! I am also loving my new seamless paper backdrop that I got from Amazon. Seriously don’t know why I didn’t order it sooner because it made clean up SO much easier!


Little Miss Ava was a rockstar during her session! She worked on making one deep hole through the top of the cake, which was historically funny and cute. I think she was able to dig deep enough to reach the bottom!


I was able to find the balloons at the Dollar Tree store and Walmart. The paper tissue pom poms, pink peonies, mint basket, and pink rose petals were also all found at our local Dollar Tree store. The banners hanging across the backdrop were found at Walmart. The white crate and letters “ONE” are from a local craft store.

Today was a blast and I can’t wait to shoot Nate’s first birthday cake smash at the end of the month!